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RedeApp - Effectively Communicate with Non-Desk Employees

We believe in effective communication...

CEO's are all about getting the communication right.  They also know that you can't depend on trickle-down messages through the organizational layers - often you need to go direct.  But what if your normal "direct" email or bulletin board notes don't get to your non-desk employees?  Or worse - what if you don't know if you are getting to them?  

This post is all about a productive application that handles these concerns with ease - and gives you a verifiable way to communicate with the non-desks.  RedeApp was created to handle reaching non-desk employees through managed texts - and usually everyone has a handheld phone or device.   Prospective users include any business with employees who either don’t have an email-friendly work station or are too physically active to check it. 

We like the RedeApp solution (https://RedeApp) so much that we are giving them an unsolicited and unpaid shout-out.  Their pivot to a text-based platform was a watershed event for their company - and users.  Since their startup in 2011, a growing number of companies have come to love their text-managed communication platform.  Imagine a text management platform with lots of imaginative features that deliver on your needs with multiple benefits.  Here's just a sample...

  • Blast text messages to the whole company, or selected groups-areas
  • Better than bulletin boards for many announcements - more instantaneous & more read (e.g. we've seen everything from new customer celebrations, "company X is visiting us tomorrow", weather notices, safety tips, and signup reminders).  
  • Feedback let's you track in real time what % of your messages were received and opened.  The provision for written or polling feedback from employee recipients is a great benefit.  
  • Personal messages from the CEO or other key leaders are easier to create, distribute and manage.
  • Better than email (unless 100% of your employees are fully desk-bound) 
  • The communication is so powerful and quick that you need to remember good thought guidlines.   

What's not to like?  

The online software platform is based on a per user monthly subscription fee.   Check out their website for more info   

John Byrne