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Jack Byrne speaks at The Brighton Group: Creating the Culture of Inclusion - Men & Women Succeeding in Leadership

Creating the Culture of Inclusion - Men & Women Succeeding in Leadership: 
Are you part of the problem or the path forward?

ON February 13, 2018  -  Bellevue, WA

Don’t miss this special program inspired by real conversations in executive suites and boardrooms – and news headlines - across the world.  Hear new insight from the book “Better Together”, a WSJ “best-seller” just published by Seattle entrepreneur Jonathan Sposato.  Wherever you are in leadership or your own career transition, man or woman, you will want to talk about…

  • Are companies more successful if they have mixed gender senior leadership teams & boards?
  • What’s the truth about performance obstacles faced by women executives – both directly & unconsciously?  What’s surprising to both men and women?
  • Is your company just trying to look correct, or working to out-perform the competition?  Is your own behavior part of the path forward, or enabling problems?
  • Forget boring agendas or lame training programs.  What’s in it for you & your company?

Jack Byrne is Principal with Ascend Consulting, a trusted advisor on executive and board pay since 1999 to many of the Northwest’s top mid-small cap firms.  He will surprise you with the latest inclusion research and share insights from helping companies and boards grappling with real issues. 

Jack will also review Jonathan Sposato’s just-published book “Better Together” that addresses this topic from a tech angle.  Born and raised in Seattle, Sposato was already famous as the only human to sell two companies to Google when Jack first met him.  “But when he told me about his upcoming book and shared his 8-point “Better Together Pledge”, I knew that he was going to shine a needed spotlight as well as become one”, Jack remembers. 

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