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Executive Pay Governance for an ESOP


● How does an ESOP meet employee investor goals to bring its executive compensation governance, methods and level of transparency up to the highest standards of American publicly-traded companies?

On behalf of all of its employee investors, an ESOP company sought to bring its executive compensation governance, methods, and level of transparency up to the standards of American publicly-traded companies.  These are the highest standards in the world, as evidenced by the comprehensive executive pay disclosures, explanations and justifications found in any public company annual proxy statement.  Ascend provided the information, know-how, and strategic guidance required to accomplish this goal in the shortest time and with the least ancillary work.  The resulting programs and processes emulated steps implemented by public companies in response to the regulations and demands of regulators, rating agencies, shareholder interest groups, and stock exchanges for excellence in executive pay administration.  

The firm and employee investors were well pleased with the outcomes for both compensation and shareholder communication.

John Byrne